Hi everybody, I’m Marnin!

Introducing our legendary mascot, Marnin!

Marnin with Isabelle Forrer and Anouk Vergé-Dépré.Marnin with Isabelle Forrer and Anouk Vergé-Dépré.


Name: Marnin
Breed: Fangaroo
Hometown: Klagenfurt
Hobbies: Playing beach volleyball, watching beach volleyball, reading the Swatch Major Series website, dancing, clapping, eating, building sand castles, cheering, bouncing, talking about beach volleyball, partying, sleeping.
Favorite Major Stop: All of them!

Have you heard of the saying there’s no kangaroos in Austria?

Well that’s not entirely true!

Hey, my name’s Marnin and it's my job to rock the crowds and whip ‘em up into a frenzy at the Swatch Major Series!

So I’m guessing you want to know a little bit about me, right? Well first things first, in case you’re wondering, I’m not 100 per cent kangaroo. The other half of me is actually fox. This makes me a ‘Fangaroo’. You don’t want to know how that came about. Ask your parents. This has given me is extraordinary fan-engaging powers! I’ve got the velocity of a fox and the bounce of a kangaroo which enables me to dance around beach volleyball courts so fast the fans have no option but to sing, shout and ask for selfies!

I was raised by a sweet Austrian girl called Anna, who found me beside Lake Wörthersee when I was just a few hours old. Growing up in Klagenfurt and watching all the great tournaments meant I was destined to become a mascot – that and my name which means ‘one who creates joy’.

Marnin was everyone's hero at the A1 Major Klagenfurt.Marnin was everyone's hero at the A1 Major Klagenfurt.

I prepare for the tournaments chatting with my best friends and legendary mascots MusMusculus and Sunny, who did such an amazing job in 20015 at Gstaad and in Fort Lauderdale. My hobbies are playing and watching beach volleyball, having fun and making people laugh so I should be fine! Just look at my face, I’m always smiling!

When I don’t have a Mikasa in my hand I’m usually busy eating ice cream or drinking Red Bull! You’ve got to get your energy for non-stop crowd interaction from somewhere, right?!

So that’s me – I’m off to practice my moves in front of the mirror!

See you @ the beach!



Marnin chilling at the A1 Major Klagenfurt.Marnin chilling at the A1 Major Klagenfurt.