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05.06.2020 - Vienna, Austria

The week in the sands of the world

Hello, beach volleyball fans! How did it feel to have at least a little bit of beach volleyball back last weekend? After a long period of abstinence, it felt good, didn’t it?

This edition of Beach Shorts will keep you updated on what the next steps regarding the sport’s return in Europe will hopefully be so you can make sure you’re ready to follow the national tours that are slowly restarting across the continent.

Fingers crossed so we can continue moving forward in this fight!

New event to be launched in Germany

The German Tour will not happen in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, but the country won’t be left without the sport in the summer as a new event was launched in the nation. The Die Beach Liga will have 16 players competing for 30 consecutive days in Dusseldorf, between June 13 and July 12. Among them will be some of the nation’s top players, such as Rio 2016 Olympian Karla Borger and Alexander Walkenhorst, who’s one of the founders of the event.

Czech Tour continues this weekend

The first national tour to start after the beginning of the pandemic, the Czech Tour will have the second event of its season this weekend with the women competing in Strahov and the men playing in Prague. International stars Markéta Sluková and Barbora Hermannová, who won the the first event of the season, are also entered in the second tournament.

Swiss Tour season still on hold

Professional sports activities, including practices and matches, are now allowed in Switzerland with up to 300 people in attendance. The organizers of the country’s national tour, the Coop Beach Tour, have decided to wait until June 24, when the national government could potentially further relax the restrictions and allow tournaments with up to 1,000 people in attendance, to make a decision about if and how the season will be played.

Social Media: What has Rob Meeuwsen been doing?

Beach volleyball players around the world worked hard to maintain their forms during these social distancing times but most of them acknowledged that there would be some loss on the fitness side anyways. That doesn’t seem to be the case with Robert Meeuwsen, though. We don’t know what he’s been doing over the last few months, but based on this video, well, it surely worked.


TrickShotSunday! How many attempts did it take? #skyball #trickshot #beachvolleyball

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