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01.05.2020 - Vienna, Austria

The week in the sands of the world

Hello, beach volleyball fans. The prospect of having beach volleyball tournaments for us to enjoy is still not as near as we’d like, but this week some measures have been taken to kick off the planning for when that happens in some places of the world.

New hosts are being evaluated for the Continental Cup in Europe while Asia has even a planned calendar for the sport we hope can materialize soon. A German organization has decided to promote a nice virtual tournament while in the United States beach volleyball star April Ross has found a nice way to wait until things get back to normal.

Join us and get more info on all of that!

European Continental Cup bidding process open again

The European Volleyball Confederation announced new measures to adjust its schedule due to the coronavirus pandemic and among them are the re-opening of the bidding process for the second and the final stages of its Continental Cup. The final event, which will grant the winners one berth per gender at the Tokyo Olympics, was supposed to happen in the Netherlands in June, but is now open to new dates and locations.

Asian Federation releases proposed calendar

One of the first regions in the planet to react to the coronavirus pandemic, Asia is already planning the return of beach volleyball as the continent’s Confederation has released a tentative calendar, which includes the Under-19 World Championships and the Asian Beach Games. The first tournament would be the Under-19 Asian Championships, from August 26-29, in Phuket, Thailand.

A virtual tournament is up

Real beach volleyball tournaments are still far away from returning, but if you want to get a little bit of the competitive feeling again a German beach volleyball club is promoting a fantasy tournament on its Instagram account. It features some of the best teams in the world and, more importantly, the winners will be able to donate 1,000 euros to a charity organization of their choice. You can find more info here.

Social Media: April Ross is just chilling

As we showed here earlier this week, some countries have started allowing beach volleyball players to return to practice in a restrictive way. As that’s not the case yet at the United States, American star April Ross thought she’d better just chill until she can go out again.


See you next week!