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5 ways to play during social distancing times

17.04.2020 - Vienna, Austria

We showed here a few weeks ago what you could do to remain active during these complicated social distancing times, remember? In the occasion, we took several tips from some of the best beach volleyball players about what they were doing to stay fit with no access to all the people and the equipment they normally have.

That certainly helped, but we believe it’s fair to assume most of you miss a real match or, at the very least, touching a ball, right? So we turned to the pros again for some advice and here are some of the most simple and creative solutions we were presented with.

Play with the wall

This is the easiest solution and probably a somewhat nostalgic one as pretty much every volleyball player spent countless hours playing with a wall in their youth to improve their skills. Brazilian Carol Salgado wasn’t shy to get back in time and get some valuable time with ball in the yard of her father’s house.


Mantendo o contato com essa bola que eu tanto amo! 😍

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Play with a moving target

If you read our first post, you probably remember that American April Ross used a wood board in her backyard to get her reps in. Her partner Alix Klineman wanted more and she decided to use a (poor) moving target to sharpen her skills in front of her garage. 

Play with…anything

The truth about volleyball is you can play with virtually anything, no matter where you are. American Amanda Dowdy, who’s spending some time in a ranch in Texas, didn’t think twice when saw that huge bulldozer parked in the property.

Play with someone on the balcony

Sometimes playing with inanimate things is not what you’re looking for and what you really want is to have a partner to pepper with. Don’t worry, the Swiss Vergé-Dépré sisters Anouk and Zoe got you. As you can see, you can keep social distancing and still play beach volleyball.

Be creative...

If you have a little bit of a Professor Gearloose in you, we’re sure you can come up with some creative solution to the problem. This Brazilian amateur player created this amazing machine, which allows hit to bump, set and spike in his own backyard.