Dear Beach Volleyball Community

So far, we only knew a scenario like the current one from the fiction of various apocalypse movies. In reality, of course, none of us really have any idea how to deal with it. Only one thing unites us in this challenging time: the certainty that we have to put down everything that is not directly related to the elimination of the virus. A logical conclusion that, however, has a dramatic impact on all of us.

Experts are now predicting that the pandemic will peak in July and August. And that, in turn, means for us that currently, nobody can assume the responsibility to approach the implementation of the planned events with a clear conscience and with full conviction. After extensive discussions with the International Federation, our sponsors as well as partners and representatives from the cities of Vienna and Hamburg, we decided to cancel the two Major tournaments. And we can no longer contribute to the upgrade of the event in Gstaad.

We are sad to announce this decision. At the moment, we only have hope that the global crisis will soon subside and be under control. Then we will start the work to realize our events in 2021 with full energy and unwavering commitment.

My thanks go to everyone who has shared and supported our enthusiasm for beach volleyball over the past 25 years. I firmly believe that we will be able to provide proof of our subline again next year:

Goosebumps don't lie - See you @ the Beach!

Your Hannes Jagerhofer for the Beach Majors team
Founder of the Beach Volleyball Major Series

We are in this together!

26.03.2020 - Vienna, Austria

Players respond to the suspension of the 2020 Beach Major Series season with love

Suspending the 2020 Beach Major Series season was by no means an easy decision. Even though it was clearly the right thing to do given the current scenario in the world, the call was made after extensive discussions and with a heavy heart.

Missing our beloved tournaments in the European summer is a tough blow, but a necessary one as the entire planet locks arms to stop the spreading of the virus and to end the unprecedented global crisis.

And we couldn’t be more confident that we made the right decision after the unbelievable answer we received from the beach volleyball community. Less than 24 hours after our announcement, we were flooded with supportive messages on our social media channels. Athletes, fans, officials, everyone shared their love and hope for better days.

Austrian star Clemens Doppler couldn’t hide the frustration for not being able to play this year in his home sand Vienna, the same stage in which he had a fairy-tale run with partner Alexander Horst all the way to the gold medal match of the 2017 World Championships. Still, he had nice words to spread.

Brazilian legend Ricardo Santos shared his tribute to the Gstaad Major in the shape of a video of him playing at the picturesque Swiss Alps in the very early days of the tournament.

From Canada, Sam Pedlow also sent us his love. The bearded blocker reflected about the uncertainty regarding beach volleyball calendar in 2020, but he also shared a positive message going forward.


It looks like it could be a while before we get to ball again. This morning @beachmajorseries announced the cancellation of its three major events this summer (Gstaad, Vienna and Hamburg). This means competition will be suspended through August. Although the right decision it has become increasingly difficult to stay positive as the 2020 season dissolves. In all my years playing professional volleyball this will be the longest time period between events, 2021 offseason started before 2020 even had a chance to start 😿 . . . . #torontofitness #torontofitfam #torontofit #canadafitness #canadianfitness #teamcanada🇨🇦 #beachmodel #teamcanada #volleyballcanada #tokyo2020 #beachbumlife #fitfreaks #healthy #hflc #avacadolove #fitspo #beardlife #inked #torontotattoo #torontotattoos #fitnessmodel #healthyish #healthyfit #gymlove #gymflow #squats #biceps #bearded

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Czech star Barbora Hermannová summarized her feelings about the current situation: “As athletes, we’re used to overcome obstacles and to adapt, so this is no different. This is a quite big challenge, but we’re going to take it and go all in.”


❗️•Tokyo 2021•❗️Sledovala jsem, jak se k tomu rozhodnutí schyluje, takže vnitřní proces začal už dřív… Ale teď, když je to všechno černé na bílém a potvrzeno, že letošní největší akce OH a beachvolejbalové Major turnaje nebudou… No nebudu lhát… Je to až neuvěřitelné... Bylo to jako úder na solar a musela jsem se z toho otřepat...🥴🥊 ALE!! Jako sportovci jsme zvyklí na překonávání překážek a přizpůsobování se podmínkám, takže tohle nebude jiné! Tahle výzva má sice trochu velké rozměry, ale hodláme se s ní týmově utkat a vzít ji “all in”! Takže hurá do nového plánování a nové práce, která bude ukázána až v roce 2021! 😈 #roadtotokyo #2021 #czechteam Zdraví je přednější, o tom žádná ;)

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In the end, Canada’s Heather Bansley’s reply to Clemens’ post reflects the hopes of all of us. “2021 Vienna will be the best celebration of overcoming all this,” she wrote.

We’re in this together!