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Be creative, stay active!

24.03.2020 - Vienna, Austria

Are you finding challenging to remain fit with all the restriction we all have to face during these difficult days? We understand, it’s complicated to keep you form without the daily runs to the gym or those refreshing seafront walks, right?

All of it is true and even more to beach volleyball players, who are used to a huge workload of physical activity every single day, but being the amazing people we know they are, they are finding ways to go around all their current limitations. It doesn’t matter if you want pull some weight or just to play some ball, get inspired by them and see that it’s possible to stay fit even in these complicated social distancing days.

Rio 2016 Olympic silver medalist Bárbara Seixas is a privileged. Married to one of the best beach volleyball coaches in the planet, Rico, she’s been able to put up some reps, even if in very limited space inside their apartment.

One could say the McNamara twins Megan and Nicole are even luckier. They partner one another, so it’s not only possible, but probably tempting, to get that daily peppering done either at the beach or in their backyard.

American star April Ross proved that not having a partner or a coach in the same house is no reason to just sit on the couch. With a little bit of creativity – and tons of talent -, you can turn inanimate objects into opponents and still get your training session done.

If you are more into weightlifting, finding equipment to work out could be tough, but if you are creative and look around, there’s probably something there you could use to help. That’s what Austrians Katharina Schützenhöfer and Lena Plesiutsching have been doing lately.

If you are desperate enough – and are willing to be careful enough -, you can follow Chaim Schalk’s footsteps and use of the most unlikely items as training equipment. Ten-month-old Koa worked just fine as a kettlebell for the Canadian-American defender, didn’t she?


Stay safe....and active!