Beach Shorts

20.03.2020 - Vienna, Austria

The week in the sands of the world

It has been a tough week not only for the beach volleyball community, but also for the entire world with the developments related to the coronavirus pandemic, which is affecting the entire planet.

The current situation has caused massive changes in basically every aspect of our lives lately and it, of course, affected the beach volleyball calendar for the 2020 season. We know you’ve been busy with things way more important than beach volleyball over the last few days, so this edition of Beach Shorts will focus on providing updates about the current statuses of the tournaments we love to follow.

World Tour is on hold until May

The FIVB has confirmed the postponement of all World Tour events scheduled until May, including the three-star tournament that was supposed to happen this week in Coolangatta Beach, Australia. The situation of the four-star event scheduled to happen in Itapema from May 6-10 has not been officially addressed yet, but the Brazilian Federation has already announced tournament will be postponed as well.

German National Tour is cancelled

The German Federation announced the entirety of its National Tour, which was supposed to start in May, has been cancelled. The coronavirus situation also impacted the American AVP, which shortened its calendar from eight to six events, and the Brazilian Tour, which postponed the last two events of its 2019-2020 season.

Continental Cup play is suspended

One of the pathways for Olympic qualification, the Continental Cup has also been suspended. The tournament completed two stages in Africa and one in Asia last week, but the next events scheduled, which would include phases in Africa, South America and the NORCECA region, are all indefinitely postponed.

Social Media: Clemens Doppler’s new routine

Austrian star Clemens Doppler found an interesting and funny way to remain active during his self-isolation period. The veteran used his daughter Lilli as a work out partner and, well, had to do his part to entertain her as well, right?


See you next week!