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06.03.2020 - Vienna, Austria

The week in the sands of the world

Hello, beach volleyball fans! March has arrived with some major, unexpected news as Brazilian star Larissa Franca announced she'll resume her career to play with her wife, Lili Maestrini.

The month will also feature a few World Tour three and four-star events starting with the one next week in Doha, where several of the top men’s teams will compete.

Before that, though, there’s World Tour action going on in Guam and in the Brazilian National Tour in Duda’s hometown Aracaju. That’s just part of the info this edition of Beach Shorts brings to you this week, so spare a few minutes and dive in!

Larissa set for comeback

Brazilian star Larissa Franca, who won nine Beach Major Series medals in her career, announced her return to the sport as she'll partner her wife Lili Maestrini in the future. Larissa was retired since the end of the 2017 season and the new team will be coached by the legendary Ricardo Santos.

Asian action for the World Tour

The World Tour has a pair of events happening in Asia over the next few days. The first one has the island of Guam hosting a women-gender one-star event which is set to end on Sunday while the second one, the first four-star of 2020, will see the men competing in Doha, Qatar, starting on Monday.

Brazilian Tour season near its end

This weekend will also see the top Brazilian teams – outside of Alison/Álvaro and Evandro/Bruno, who are in Doha – competing at the sixth and second-to-last tournament of their national tour in Aracaju, Duda Lisboa’s hometown. The event also features the beach debut of indoor Olympic champions Paula Pequeno and Mari Steinbrecher.

Social Media: Germans have fun in Brazil

German stars Laura Ludwig and Maggie Kozuch keep moving forward with their preseason plans as the duo headed to Brazil for a few weeks of practices. Who seems to be enjoying the trip the most, though, is Laura’s son Teo, who will turn two in a few months and is having a great time with her mom’s training buddies.



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