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The ACTS Group is in the preparation progress for the A1 CEV Beach Volleyball European Championships 2021 in Vienna.

Key Facts:

  • Date: 11-15 August, 2021
  • New location: Heumarkt in the city center of Vienna
  • Floodlight night sessions
  • Entry only with ticket
  • 128 teams
  • Modified Pool Play

This way to the Beach Volleyball European Championships!
See you @ the beach!

Beach Shorts

14.02.2020 - Vienna, Austria

The week in the sands of the world

Hello, beach volleyball fans! It’s time to know the first continental champions of 2020 as Asia hosts its annual tournament in Udon Thani, Thailand, this week, when the World Tour is off.

Action also takes place in Brazil with the country’s national tour heading to Maceió, where all top teams hit the sand for the first time this year. The week also had relevant news regarding the Olympics as the referees for the most important tournament of the season have been announced.

It’s time for our Beach Shorts!

Asian Championships in Thailand

Asia will be the first continent to determine its champions in 2020 as the Asian Championships are taking place in Udon Thani, Thailand. This edition, which reunites 55 teams from 13 different countries, will have new winners as reigning champions Cherif Samba/Ahmed Tijan of Qatar and Taliqua Clancy/Mariafe Artacho of Australia are both not entered in the tournament.

Stars to open 2020 at the Brazilian Tour

The Brazilian Tour hosts its second event of 2020 this week in Maceió and main attraction of the tournament will be the presences of all four Olympic teams of the country. After skipping the first event of the year in João Pessoa last month, Alison Cerutti/Álvaro Filho, Evandro Gonçalves/Bruno Schmidt and Ágatha Bednarczuk/Duda Lisboa all hit the sand for the first time in 2020 at the city in the Northeast of the country.

Referees selected for the Tokyo Olympics

We might not know just yet which teams will compete at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics but another set of important pieces of the tournament has been revealed as the FIVB announced the refereeing team for the event. A group of 22 professionals, including 16 referees, three referee coaches and three challenge referees, from 19 countries will be tasked with officiating the tournament at the Japanese capital in the summer. You can see the full list here.

Social Media: Carambula doing his things in Rio

Adrian Carambula is training in Rio de Janeiro with partner Enrico Rossi and he’s doing what he does best there, surprising his opponents. One of the players who faced the Italians in a friendly, Brazilian Matheus Maia, seems to be picking up really fast, doesn’t he?


Who did it better? 1 (@adrian_carambula) or 2 (@matheusmaia23)? (via @ct_zero21)

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In case you missed it

One down, 11 to go for Fendrick and Hughes

Grimalts please home crowd with continental title


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