Beach Shorts

07.02.2020 - Vienna, Austria

The week in the sands of the world

Welcome back, beach volleyball fans! It’s the first edition of Beach Shorts in February and, I got to tell you that, it’s a busy one as the season slowly starts to pick up.

This week we’re able to see some familiar faces competing at the World Tour in an event in Cambobia, while the South American elite reunite in Chile. Speaking about South American elite, Brazilian star Rebecca Cavalcanti gave her coach a hard time this week.

Don’t believe us? So scroll down and see it for yourself.

World Tour for the women in Cambodia

The World Tour has its first two-star event going on this week, a two-star in Siem Reap, Cambodia, which has 33 teams from 17 countries entered to compete for gold. Among them is the new American duo of Lauren Fendrick, who’s returning to the international level after giving birth to her first daughter, Willa, and Sara Hughes.

South American Tour kicks off in Chile

The South American Tour opens its 2020 calendar this weekend in Coquimbo, Chile, the host city of the first of the five events scheduled for the year. Among the favorites to take will be the home team of Marco and Esteban Grimalt and Brazil’s Ricardo Santos/Vitor Felipe and Pedro Solberg/Guto Carvalhaes among the men.  For the women, Argentina’s Ana Gallay/Cecilia Peralta and Colombia’s Claudia and Andrea Galindo are the most experienced duos.

Dutch Tour releases its calendar

One of the top national circuits in the planet, the Dutch National Tour released its 2020 calendar, which contains nine events. The season starts in May in Heerlen and ends in August in The Hague, following back-to-back Grand Slams in Utrecht and Breda.

Social Media: Rebecca’s payback

Beach volleyball coaches can be mean to their players. It’s not unusual to find videos on social media of exhausted players crawling in the sand while their coaches continuously throw balls for them to dig. Well, revenge has come, at least for Brazilian star Rebecca Cavalcanti, who bullied her coach Reis Castro in a recent training session. One thing we have to admit, though – he did just fine, didn’t he?


See you next week!