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The week in the sands of the world

Alison plays at this home sand in Vila Velha this weekAlison plays at this home sand in Vila Velha this week

The last weekend of September is technically the only break between the 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 World Tour seasons as the first ended with the Olympic qualifier in China last week and the second stars in Iran in just a few days.

If nothing will be going on at the international level, some will at the national and continental with the Brazilian Tour starting and the NORCECA Tour moving forward. There’s another significant piece of news coming from South America with two Brazilian indoor Olympic champions switching to the beach and much more.

Brazilian Tour kicks off in Vila Velha

If most of the National Tours around the planet have just ended their seasons, things are different in Brazil as a stop in Vila Velha, the home sand of world champions Alison Cerutti and Andre Loyola, will officially open the country’s 2019-2020 calendar. Some new teams, such as Guto Carvalhaes/Thiago Barbosa, can be first seen at this week’s tournament.

Barbara Seixas and Fernanda Berti are the reigning Brazilian championsBarbara Seixas and Fernanda Berti are the reigning Brazilian champions

Bonaire debuts at the NORCECA Tour

The NORCECA Tour explores a new location this week as it heads for the first time to the island of Bonaire, which will host the seventh event of the season. The lineup features two teams that competes at the World Championships in Hamburg last July – Mexico’s Zaira Orellana/Marta Revuelta and Nicaragua’s Lolette Rodriguez/Valeria Mendoza.

Rodriguez and Mendoza represented Nicaragua at the World ChampionshipsRodriguez and Mendoza represented Nicaragua at the World Championships

Indoor Olympic champs move to the beach

Brazilian indoor stars Mari Steinbrecher and Paula Pequeno, who were both part of the country’s national team that won the gold medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, have announced they are moving to the beach and will play together. Their debut is yet to be determined.


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Social Media: Poor Taylor!

Beach volleyball is just like life. Accidents happen. However, not many are well-documented as the one that happened with Taylor Crabb during the closing event of the American AVP Season in Hawaii. Poor Taylor.


“Right in the lizard” 🦎- @robertsoncook 📸- @shoot802

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