2018-10-24 00:29:00 CEST

Varenhorst and Bouter split

The Dutch decided to go separate ways after just 14 events

Bouter and Varenhorst claimed just one international medal together (Photocredit: FIVB)Bouter and Varenhorst claimed just one international medal together (Photocredit: FIVB)

The 2018 World Tour season has just ended for the men and it didn’t take much long for the first moves to start happening.

Two days after the end of the four-start tournament in Las Vegas, Dutchmen Christiaan Varenhorst and Jasper Bouter, who finished 17th in the American event, have announced they’ve split.

Varenhorst, 28, and Bouter, 21, were together since the end of 2017, when they claimed the Dutch National title. The team has competed in 12 World Tour stops and had its highlights were the silver medal won at the one-star event in Aalsmeer and the fourth-place achieved at the four-star tournament in the Hague, both on Dutch soil. They also shared the courts in the European events, finishing fifth at the continental championship.  

According to the head coach of the Dutch National Team, Gijs Ronnes, the decision was made by Varenhorst, who struggled to deal with the different personalities of the two.

“Christiaan worked very devotedly with Jasper for a year to make this team a success,” Ronnes explained. “The conclusion is now that their personalities differ too much to continue together towards Tokyo 2020. Jasper has made a big progress this year. He keeps on developing and I believe in his future.”

Varenhorst, who played for several years with Dutch legend Reinder Nummerdor, and Bouter still don’t have new partners selected and the decision will include the National Team’s coaching staff.

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