2018-10-05 15:42:00 CET

Iran sweeps home podium in Bandar Torkaman

The host country won all three medals in the one-star event

Iran advanced two teams for the final in Bandar Torkaman (Photocredit: FIVB)Iran advanced two teams for the final in Bandar Torkaman (Photocredit: FIVB)

Iran’s beach volleyball teams started on the right foot in the first of the three straight World Tour events the country will host in October as three tandems from the Asian nation collected the medals of the men-only one-star event in Bandar Torkaman.

The winners of the tournament were 29-year-old Bahman Salemiinjehboroun and 28-year-old Arash Vakili, who triumphed over 40-year-old veteran Rahman Raoufi, one of the most experience players in the country, and his partner Abolhamed Mirzaali in the two-set (21-11, 22-20) gold medal match.

Abbas Pourasgari and Aghamohammad Salagh guaranteed the all-Iranian podium in Bandar Torkaman with a straight-set (21-16, 21-11) victory over Kazakhstan’s Alexey Kuleshov and Artem Petrossyants in the bronze medal match.

Iran will host another single-gender one-star event next week with Babolsar welcoming the World Tour from October 9-12. The final stop of the Iranian portion of the World Tour will happen in Bandar Anzali, from October 16-19.

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