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Oleg is living the dream

The Russian blocker is looking forward to share the courts with his new partner Krasilnikov

Stoyanovskiy had a successful 2018 season with Igor VelichkoStoyanovskiy had a successful 2018 season with Igor Velichko

Pairing up with Russian star Viacheslav Krasilnikov, known by the players competing in the World Tour as Slava, has meant making deep runs at the most important beach volleyball tournaments of the planet in the last few years.

Konstantin Semenov was the first to experience it, playing in the semifinals of the Rio 2016 Olympics with the 27-year-old defender a couple of years ago. The following season, Slava took new partner Nikita Liamin to an unprecedented bronze medal to their country at the 2017 World Championships in Vienna.

The next in line to enjoy Slava’s “magic” is Oleg Stoyanovskiy. The 21-year-old blocker, who recently announced he’ll be teaming up with the experienced defender, couldn’t be more excited about it. And he might have good reason for that.

“We are really confident we can get great results together,” Stoyanovskiy told “To me, playing with Slava is a dream coming true and I couldn’t be more stoked about it. We’re good friends off the court and we have a good chemistry which will help us to fight for the results we want. We are both very ambitious and all we can think about are podium placements.”

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Stoyanovskiy, a 2014 Youth Olympics gold medalist, has just ended the best season of his career after he won a World Tour gold medal in Xiamen, silver in Doha and bronze in Moscow with Rookie of the Year Igor Velichko.

Krasilnikov, on the other hand, had a disappointing campaign, as him and Liamin just earned a silver medal in nine events, the only time they featured among the best eight teams in an international tournament.

However, Slava’s experience is a highly-valued asset to the young Oleg, who is just about to take part in the Olympic qualification process for the first time.

“Slava is a very consistent and cold-blooded player,” Stoyanovskiy said about his new partner. “Having him by my side will undoubtedly help immensely to cement some potential tremors I could have in decisive moments during the qualification process. We didn't have much time to prepare for these first tournaments but we have plenty of time to fix any initial issues we may have."

The new tandem begin the new partnership on the World Tour four-star event in Yangzhou, China, next week, starting on October 10. 

Krasilnikov and Stoyanovskiy recently started training together in SochiKrasilnikov and Stoyanovskiy recently started training together in Sochi

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