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10 pics showing what #BeachStrong really means

Because our pros are #BeachStrong

We recently chatted to our athletes about the lengths that they go to maintain their fitness levels, stay on top of their game, and also how they avoid getting injured mid-season at all costs. We all know how injury can be just about the worst thing that can happen to an athlete. In terms of playing at your peak at pro level, practice and perfecting your techniques are just as important as keeping healthy and fit, in other words, staying #BeachStrong.

Here are 10 pics of our athletes pushing themselves to their limits, displaying mastery of their craft and embodying #BeachStrong on the court:


1. It’s all about the right mind-set, being ready for anything. Being present. 

Bring you’re A-game. Photocredit: Daniel GrundBring you’re A-game. Photocredit: Daniel Grund

2. Making sure you’re always on the same page as your teammate, #BeachStrong also means #TeamStrong.

I love you man! No! I love YOU man! Photocredit: Martin SteinthalerI love you man! No! I love YOU man! Photocredit: Martin Steinthaler

3. Remembering to start with the basics. Serving like a boss starts with making sure you’re prepared like a boss.

Do as I command. Photocredit: Martin SteinthalerDo as I command. Photocredit: Martin Steinthaler

4. #BeachStrong means giving it all you got. Look at that shoulder rotation range.

Power. Is. Everything. Photocredit: Martin SteinthalerPower. Is. Everything. Photocredit: Martin Steinthaler

5. Get your serve-receive right. Sometimes that ball is travelling at record speed. Getting control of that ball so that you can turn it into a good play can make or break your game.

And… THAT’S how it’s done! Photocredit: Martin SteinthalerAnd… THAT’S how it’s done! Photocredit: Martin Steinthaler

6. Always be ready to set your partner. 

1, 2, 3, set. Photocredit: Martin Steinthaler1, 2, 3, set. Photocredit: Martin Steinthaler

7. And when the serve-receive doesn’t go according to plan, make sure you’re ready to shank – because the ball stays in no matter what.

That’s it. Photocredit: Mihai StetcuThat’s it. Photocredit: Mihai Stetcu

8. Just be ready to blast that ball back where it came from. 

Spike there it is. Photocredit: Malte ChristiansSpike there it is. Photocredit: Malte Christians

9. Block! Be the gatekeeper, the guard, the impenetrable wall that nothing can pass through if someone dares to blast a ball back at you.

Can’t get through this. Photocredit: Rob FoldyCan’t get through this. Photocredit: Rob Foldy

10. And finally, know when to take five. You’re putting your body through the wringer. Know when to call time – staying #BeachStrong is also about giving yourself a break.

Woosah. Photocredit: Martin SteinthalerWoosah. Photocredit: Martin Steinthaler

Our athletes work all year round on and off the court at keeping #BeachStrong. This includes all aspects of their lives, from diet to exercise regimens to resting and going on well-deserved rests aka holidays. This helps them be the best that they can be. These pics are just a few examples of how hard work pays off.  These pics embody the results of being #BeachStrong. 

For full #BeachStrong video, click here.

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