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2018-05-23 21:12:00 CEST

Andre splits with Evandro, teams with Alison

The latest move of the Brazilian players left the Rio 2016 Olympian without a partner

Evandro and Andre have won last year's World Championships and World TourEvandro and Andre have won last year's World Championships and World Tour

When it looked like all the dominoes had fallen in Brazilian beach volleyball, there was still more to come. After the split of Olympic champions Alison Cerutti and Bruno Schmidt, who will play with Pedro Solberg, reigning world champions Andre Loyola and Evandro Goncalves are also going separate ways as Andre will be Alison’s new partner.

The 23-year-old player decided to end his partnership with Evandro, which had won the World Championships, the World Tour, the Brazilian Tour and the Super Praia in a little over one year, to join the Mammoth, who was looking for a partner after parting ways with Bruno.

Andre, a Vitoria-native, was tempted by the ideas of returning to his hometown, where Alison lives, and being coached by Leandro Brachola, his first coach and Alison’s current trainer. Since 2017 he had moved to Rio de Janeiro to play with Evandro, who was frustrated by his decision.

The duo had just won the World Tour four-star event in Itapema on Sunday.

“It was his choice,” the 2.10m-tall blocker told Brazilian website “We were in a very good moment, getting better and better. I’m very frustrated with his decision, but it happened and I need to move forward.”

The Rio 2016 Olympian is yet to decide who his next partner will be, but he hopes to make the decision soon. Some of the options would be George Wanderley, Guto Carvalhaes, Vitor Felipe and Alvaro Filho.

“If it was going to happen, it was better that it happened now,” Evandro added. “I’ll take some time and think about who I want to play with tomorrow. I’ll talk to my coaching staff and analyze the options I have. It’s time to move on because nothing happens without a reason.”

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