2018-05-13 17:40:00 CET

Happy mother’s day!

Mama mania

Mama mia! Here we go again… It’s Mother’s Day and we are celebrating by going absolutely baby crazy and showing off our very special Beach Major Series mama’s, because let’s face it – they’re one-of-a-kind! From showing off their growing baby bumps to hanging out with their mini-mes, we just love us some volley-mummys.


1.Laura Ludwig

We have to start somewhere, so why not start with reigning world champion, Olympic gold medallist, all-round awesome Laura Ludwig? She epitomizes #ProfessionalAthlete / #FitMom goals. We’ve recently published a story about Ms. Ludwig and how, despite becoming a new mom soon, plans on Tokyo 2020. All this excitement – we cannot wait for future volley star baby Ludwig.


2. Kerri Walsh Jennings

I mean… look at that pic! (Insert heart eyes emoji here) #FamilyGoals #LifeGoals. When on the subject of super volley moms – you have to mention Kerri Walsh with her tribe of three. What separates Kerri from everyone else is her ability to go above and beyond in all aspects of her life. Hey Kerri, do you want to adopt me? #iwanttobelikeherwhenigrowup 


3. Talita Antunes

Talita Antunes, known for being the other half of one of the best Brazilian teams on the beach volleyball circuit with Larissa, is expecting a little baby boy. But, that doesn’t stop her from volleying. 

Actually… is this photographic evidence of a baby playing beach volleyball for the first time? Guinness record anyone? I see it now, random person: “I started playing beach volleyball when I was three”, baby Talita: “I started when I was 20 weeks… BOOM” *Drops mic*


4. Liliana Fernandez Steiner

No rest for the dedicated. Lili took no time at all to bounce back after birthing her little boy. She is in it to win it. We can appreciate that this is no easy feat and it takes a special kind of women to be 100 per cent there for her family and 100 per cent there for her career. Go get ‘em Lili. P.S. Don’t you love the beach volleyball in the family portrait? #Goals. Watch Lili, and other beach stars talk about family, motherhood and volleyball here.


5. Carol Salgado Solberg

Are we biased or are our beach pros brilliant? A bit of both really, but mostly, our pros are on the brill end of the spectrum. Carol Salgado Solberg is our woman crush all day every day. The Brazilian is back at the beach, most recently making the finals at the Huntington Beach Open against fellow Brazilians Barbara/Fernanda – with teammate Maria Antonelli took home silver. Not bad eh? Looks like a nice medal to add to the mantel just in time for Mother’s Day.


6. Manon Flier

Manon recently retired from professional beach volleyball, but was no stranger to the Beach Major Series having competed in 2017 at the Fort Lauderdale Major, Poreč Major, Gstaad Major and the World Champs in Vienna where she finished 17th. Just look at that cute little person in the photograph… *swoon*. And although she may not be on the sand competing in the near future, beach volleyball will always be very close to home with husband Reinder Nummerdor where it’s business as usual.  


7. Nicole Branagh

And last, but not least, let’s give a Mother’s Day shout out to the new-not-so-new-kid-on-the-beach-block – Nicole Branagh. The mom of two paired up with Kerri Walsh Jennings last year and they have big plans for 2018 and Tokyo 2020. When she’s not kicking-butt on the sand, she’s spending time with her family. Sometimes going to the happiest place on earth (see above). Can you take us with next time?

So that concludes our Mother’s Day post. To all the families out there not mentioned, we wish you all a fantastic Mother’s Day from the Beach Major Series.


A poem:

A volleyball mum is really the best kind,

Through thick and thin and whenever you’re in a bind,

She’s there giving you and the sport one-hundred percent,

Either competing or supporting at every event.

We want to say thank you for being who you are,

Because without you it wouldn’t be possible! You are a superstar!

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