2017-12-20 16:02:00 CEST

All I want for Christmas is…

Medals not money; and family over this work say our beach stars

Medals, please!Medals, please!

All I want for Christmas is… a Beach Major Series gold medal!

That’s the number one wish this Christmas according to the majority of the world's best beach volleyball players!

We sent out a festive end-of-season survey to the stars, and among the results, 62 per cent of our beach heroes said that the one thing that they would like to find at the bottom of their tree most this Christmas was a gold medal during our 2018 series!

It seems that going for glory in the 2018 was very much top of the players’ agendas as their pursuit of gold outweighed their need for their health and fitness, which polled just 14 per cent.

We also asked them which Christmas song that’d love to sing the most – and All I Want For Christmas was easily the most popular, beating other such festive hits including Last Christmas, Santa Baby and Jingle Bells.

Sadly, as our survey was filled in anonymously, we have no idea which player answered what. But, if you’re reading this and fancy breaking out in song, tag us in your Instagram stories guys and girls (yes we’re serious!) We did receive one “you really don’t want to hear me sing” comment. Again, if any player fancies predicting who that was, get in touch.

Doppler/Horst singing All I Want for Christmas? Yes or no?Doppler/Horst singing All I Want for Christmas? Yes or no?

It is the most wonderful time of the year, and especially a time to be with those who matter most. However, a third of the players who answered our survey were still up for a game of beach volleyball on Christmas Day, answering with a “Hell yeah – why not?!” The majority, though, the remaining three-quarters, were firmly in the ‘work can take a break’ camp. Don’t worry, we’re not planning a Christmas Day Major. Yet…

Last month we revealed our calendar for the 2018 season, where it was confirmed that the Vienna Major will debut on the Beach Major Series. And that’s good news for half of the players who we surveyed because the World Championships in Vienna was their most popular event of 2018. “The city is beautiful they love the sport,” was one response we received. The Austrian fans and the goosebumps atmosphere created certainly got the thumbs up from many of the athletes, too.

The Vienna Major will come round sooner than you think!The Vienna Major will come round sooner than you think!

Talking of Vienna and Christmas, don’t forget that medal match tickets, Beach Friends Lounge and VIP tickets for the tournament in the Austrian capital are currently available with a 10 per discount this winter! Click here for further information on how to get your hands on tickets at this festive price ahead of next year’s event.

Happy holidays, one and all!

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