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8 Beach volleyball New Year’s resolutions

We promise that we’ll stick to them… this time

2019 is only two weeks old, if you're like us you've started the New Year totally forgetting to make the New Year's resolutions... then we've got you covered.

We know New Year’s resolutions are a little touch and go to begin with, yet, year after year, we make them. Promising ourselves that this time we’ll stick to them. We’ve given a lot of thought to this and we are so happy so share our learnings.

See, the key to making New Year’s resolutions and sticking to them is that they have to be realistic and achievable to begin with. The problem most people have is that they create unrealistic New Year’s resolutions. So we’ve put our capes on, as well as our eye masks with cut-out eye holes, grabbed our swords (okay that’s too much) but you know what we mean, we are here to save the day by helping you with create a list of beach volleyball New Year’s resolutions. 

So here is a list of totally achievable New Year’s resolutions:


1. Become president… of a volleyball federation

If anyone tells you that you have no experience, don’t have the right qualifications and that you can’t possibly become president – simply put your hand up and say ‘ain’t nobody got time for haters!’ You do you boo – I’m just over here running ‘ish. 

That moment when you realize that you’re meant for office. Photocredit: Martin SteinthalerThat moment when you realize that you’re meant for office. Photocredit: Martin Steinthaler

2. Win women’s title even though you’re a man (or the other way around)

People who think you should only compete in the gender you are, are small minded. Regardless of what the rules say, you just go ahead and do it. You may have to go undercover as people may complain, and try to stop you, get your wig on. Don’t worry about your chest hair poking out – just channel your inner Amanda Bynes in ‘She’s the Man’. 

Taking a sip and thinking about ways to win all the medals. Photocredit: TinefotoTaking a sip and thinking about ways to win all the medals. Photocredit: Tinefoto

3. Qualify for the World Championships

Be one of the top teams that qualify to compete in the World Championships. That’s a resolution if I ever saw one. I mean what an honor to be one of the teams that will head to Hamburg with the hopes of winning one of the biggest tournaments in beach history. If you have never made it to a World Champs before, let 2019 be your year to get there. It will take a lot of work and dedication but it can be done. May the force be with you.

High fives for making it to the World Champs! Whoop whoop! Photocredit: Malte ChristiansHigh fives for making it to the World Champs! Whoop whoop! Photocredit: Malte Christians

4. Get onto the podium

What an honor to win a medal and stand atop the podium and be celebrated for what you have achieved. And every athlete knows the feeling of making it to the podium. It is indescribable, total and complete elation. Make this one of you top New Year’s resolutions. And even if you don’t win – why should that stop you? Still go up to the podium with the other winners, take their trophy and medals if you must. It’s all about making the experience as authentic as possible. Pose for pics with the press, talk about the match and where you suggest improving etc. and also talk about what it means to you to be on the podium among the greats.

That’s a party waiting to be gate-crashed if I ever saw one. Photocredit: TinefotoThat’s a party waiting to be gate-crashed if I ever saw one. Photocredit: Tinefoto

5. Eat. Less. Sand.

As a beach volleyball player, you know a dive is always on the cards. When that point is on the line, it’s up to you and your plunge to save the day. But you can always ask yourself at some point – when was the last time I ate something without actual bits of earth in it? ‘Eat dirt’ is not a mantra that I choose to live by. I want to have all my meals in future sans gravel. Sometimes its unavoidable (diving which is what gets you in this situation in the first place), so in that moment when the ball is in the air, flying towards the other side of the court and you know the only way to save it is by diving, at this point you make the decision to dive amirite? Stop. Pause. The ball is still going down. Open your eyes. Take a deep breath. Close your mouth. Go for it and never eat sand again.

#NeverAgain. Photocredit: Mihai Stetcu#NeverAgain. Photocredit: Mihai Stetcu

6. Make sure your family see you play at least once

With tournaments taking place all around the world, it’s not always easy for your closest friends and family to make it to an event to see you play. And if you have kids in school and aging parents – that makes it even more difficult. So come hell or high water, make it your resolution to let your family see you play and when they can’t make it to an event – that shouldn’t stop you. Remember, come hell or high water, you take your event to them. And come to think of it, why should they only see you play once? That’s not enough to truly appreciate what you do. You should take your volleyball and kit with you whenever you are to see your family. Turn every visit into a beach volleyball extravaganza. Because, why not?

Family is important! Photo: Bernhard HorstFamily is important! Photo: Bernhard Horst

7. Try something new at every tournament

What would a New Year’s resolutions list be without adding ‘trying something new’ into the mix? YOLO. Remember if you want a resolution that you can stick to, it’s gotta be realistic. That being said, make a point of trying something new at every single beach volleyball tournament you attend.  Whether it be that move that you’ve been practicing that not even your teammate knows about, a standup comedy routine in an interview or partying the night before a big game as long as it’s something new.

I get it! It was a beach volleyball dressed as a basketball. Photocredit: Malte ChristiansI get it! It was a beach volleyball dressed as a basketball. Photocredit: Malte Christians

8. Do your bit to develop and grow the sport

It’s in all beach volleyball players’ interests to help grow and develop the sport. The bigger the sport, the more, well…. everything. Make 2019 the year where you do more to help grow the sport that pays your bills. How may I go about doing that you ask? Well you’ve basically got to live, breathe and eat beach volleyball. You could start by mentoring young aspiring athletes or coaching a little team. 

You could also aggressively share more beach volleyball related content on social media. And last but not least, you could spread the word. Let no conversation go by that doesn’t mention beach volleyball. Bring it up as much and as often as possible. ‘Oh I had oats for breakfast’, ‘well did you know 93 per cent of all beach volleyball players start their day off with that nutritious grain?’ (Add in made-up statistics to appear more credible). But the bottom line is it’s up to all beach volleyball players within the community to advance the sport – and it starts with the players. 

Sharing is caring. Photo credit: Joerg MitterSharing is caring. Photo credit: Joerg Mitter

There you have it – our list of totally achievable New Year’s resolutions.

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