2019-03-07 10:00:00 CEST

We lip read our beach volleyball pros

Because lip reading is an exact science

Guys, let’s just start off with a fun, non-beach-volleyball related fact: There is such a thing as a professional lip reader… dun-dun-dun

As you know, from all of our tour stops and events – we’ve managed to capture our star athletes in all their glory, winning, losing and just general “awesoming”. We’ve decided to use our amateur (very basic, I mean this is the first time we’re even attempting it) lip reading skills and apply them to decipher what our stars are saying. Here are five lip reading pics for your enjoyment. 

Photocredit: Malte ChristiansPhotocredit: Malte Christians

1. Cheese

As you can see, clearly, Team Canada has scored a point – and someone (with a camera) just ran onto the side court and asked Sarah Pavan to take a pic and obvs say 'cheese’. Take that photo girl. 

Photocredit: Malte ChristiansPhotocredit: Malte Christians

2. Huh?

As you can see, clearly from this image, Dries Koekelkoren was waiting for Tom Van Walle to serve. He was minding his own business, doing his hand-signals when someone from the crowd asked him 'what is his favourite color?' – he was so shocked to hear this, especially before his match that he just responded – ‘huh?’.

Photocredit: TinefotoPhotocredit: Tinefoto

3. Hee (uncomfortable smile)

So this is an image we can all relate to. It’s a hot summer’s day, and you’re enjoying your ice-cream in the stands watching your favourite beach volleyball athletes. Like this lady, when: shock, horror, the random guy next to her, just asked her for a lick of her ice-cream. This made her uncomfortable, so she had to lie and say ‘it’s finished’ then ‘Hee’ (the sound of an uncomfortable smile). We hear you girl. You save that last bit of ice-cream for yourself.

Photocredit: TinefotoPhotocredit: Tinefoto

4. Naah

Well this clearly shows team Qatar chilling in the time-out zone whilst playing an exciting match during the World Champs back in Vienna in '17, when Cherif Younousse starts teasing his teammate whilst giggling. Jefferson Santos Pereira then claps back at his friend’s attempt of fun-making and says ‘Naah’, and proceeds in lifting his hands up and then reminds his partner that ‘We’re here to win win win.’ 

Photocredit: Malte ChristiansPhotocredit: Malte Christians

5. Kira

Well as we all can ascertain, in this photograph, Laura has maybe, possibly (not) been asked by the reporter if her surname is Walkenhorst, and she was like ‘Obvs – no.’ Which is why she then had to point and say ‘Kira’.

There you have it guys – our attempt at lip reading. Pretty good eh? If we do say so ourselves.


Here is a poem:

Lip reading is cool,

Lip reading is fun,

Lip read your friends

Impress everyone.


Even if you are not good

Don’t let that get you down.

And if worst comes to worst – 

You can always leave town.


This doesn’t make sense.

Noun, crown, brown.

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