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Five pics of pros mastering ‘crying’

Or wiping away sweat…

Beach volleyball is an emotional sport. So emotional that us mere mortals often forget that our pro athletes, who exhibit superhuman capabilities when playing in the Red Bull Beach Arena, are human just like you and me. They eat, they sleep, they laugh, they have families and friends, and they don’t share our Monday Blues because they work on the beach but still – they are human. They feel pain, joy and they cry! Well, almost…

We can learn a lot from them like the art of emotions for example. Us ordinary folk just cry when we feel like it, we don’t hold back, we let our emotions run rampant. Who knows how we get through a day filled with obstacles and bad news with our sanity? *slams fist on table*

Here are five pictures of our favorite athletes just keeping it together and maintaining their resolve in the mist of all the chaos. Wanting to cry but remembering… people.

I'm sooooo happy! - Is what surely Andre is screaming here. Photocredit: Michael KunkelI'm sooooo happy! - Is what surely Andre is screaming here. Photocredit: Michael Kunkel

1. The art of laugh-crying

World Champ Andre Loyola Stein manages to pull off the best crying-not-actually-crying face we’ve ever seen! He achieves this look by performing the classic closed eyes, open mouth, arteries popping out of neck action – this takes real skill. This crying almost crying face deserves another gold medal.

Head down, concentrate, Janis. Photocredit: Bernhard HorstHead down, concentrate, Janis. Photocredit: Bernhard Horst

2. The art of being brave

Even though our pros have had the best time competing at our amazing Swatch Major Series tour stops – the season has ended. This was hard on all of us. We had to learn how to cope. We even wrote an article about it – see here. But the best example of holding it together can be seen here, this somber look of Latvia’s Janis Smedins can be achieved by thinking about something that upsets you (like no beach volleyball until next summer) or by trying to keep your eyes open for as long as possible.

It's not that bad is it, Anouk? Photocredit: Bernhard HorstIt's not that bad is it, Anouk? Photocredit: Bernhard Horst

3. The art of deep-thinking

Emotions can creep up on you at any time (of course they don’t, stick to a schedule), sometimes we just need to think deeply about it. This look, perfect by Swiss sensation Anouk Vergé-Dépré can be achieved by kneeling with your chin almost touching your chest. Combine this with the art of being brave (above) and you would have mastered the art of deep thinking. And while you’re ‘deep-thinking’ logon to BeachStream and watch some rallies.

Let it all out, Melissa. Photocredit: Bernhard HorstLet it all out, Melissa. Photocredit: Bernhard Horst

4. The art of concealing

Everyone does not need to see everything. It’s a tale as old as time, passed down from generation to generation – cry into your pillow or not at all! (Only kidding). But sometimes, when the situation arises – we don’t need anyone to see what we are doing (sobbing for our lives), hence the need to conceal. This look can be achieved simply by donning a pair of sunglasses and sneaking a tissue under the lenses every so now and then. And if anyone asks why your cheeks are wet, scream - “I’m sweating if you must know!” – This will ensure that the question-asker (nosy) is both scared and shocked and probably won’t ask you anything again. Thanks to Poreč Major champ Melissa Humana-Paredes for our inspiration here.

Hug me, hug me now! Photocredit: Mike RanzHug me, hug me now! Photocredit: Mike Ranz

5. The art of seeking comfort

You know, if you just wail with your mouth open and look at people… chances are, no-one will hug you let alone offer you some words of wisdom. You have to look as un-creepy and normal as possible while your eyes let people know that you need a hug. The best way to do this is lay down on the ground (not in the fetal position), arms flat on either side looking up into space and letting out little (not loud) sighs. This is like comfort bait – the person nearest to you will have no choice but to drop everything and give you a huge hug. Here, Spain’s Pablo Herrera is comforted during the epic World Champs in Vienna last summer.

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