2017-09-14 01:30:00 CET

Olympics brings the beach to Paris & LA!

From the City of Lights to the City of Angels

Paris will host the 2024 Olympic Games, with Los Angeles following suit four years later in 2028Paris will host the 2024 Olympic Games, with Los Angeles following suit four years later in 2028

Drop everything. Find your diary, clear your plans for the summers of 2024 and 2028 and – if it’s possible – book your flights, hotels and tickets for Paris and Los Angeles. The next two destinations of beach volleyball’s Olympic journey have now been approved by the International Olympic Committee!

After Tokyo in three years’ time (it’ll come round quick, don’t you worry), we’ll be heading to the French capital, Paris. The plans show the beach volleyball arena situated within touching distance of the Eiffel Tower. Is there a more romantic place in the world to play and watch the sport we love?

And, if that wasn’t enough, fast forward another four years, and the Olympics will be heading to the United States' West Coast and Los Angeles. Think LA, California, sunshine and sand you can’t fail to imagine beach volleyball. Some say it’s the spiritual home of our sport. Well, perhaps the Brazilians might have a thing or two to say about that.

Both iconic cities have of course hosted the Summer Olympics twice before – Paris in 1900 and 1924 and LA in 1932 and 1984. However, this will be the first time that beach volleyball will be making an appearance in the Olympics at either venue.

Beach volleyball has come a long way since its debut in the Olympics back in Atlanta in 1996 and has quickly become the most-watched and most-talked about sports.

In both London 2012 and Rio 2016, tickets for the beach volleyball competition were the most in demand with thousands of fans desperate to get a piece of the action sandside.

For us, there’s the excitement and drama guaranteed of witnessing the athletes’ attempt to qualify for all three of the next Olympics during the Swatch Major Series

Congratulations to both cities and let's bring it on!

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