Meet the Beach Major Series entertainment team!


Tobi Rudig

An international acclaimed DJ and producer, Tobi – has over a decade’s experience of entertaining crowds at beach volleyball events across the globe. Not only does Tobi play the tracks, he also makes them. His repertoire of making tunes specifically for beach volleyball has meant fans are able to move to the beat in a way unseen in any other sport.

DJ Stari

The veteran of over 2,000 events, DJ Stari has spun records all over the world but it’s beach volleyball where his heart truly lies. The Austrian has been spinning records at the beach for more than a decade but also has been entertaining crowds at football, tennis and athletics events with his unique sound. He is also a well-known club and festival DJ.

Flo Rudig

MC Flo Rudig has been the voice of the Beach Volleyball Major Series from the very beginning. Flo's skills have also seen him work at 2016 Olympic Games in Rio and at numerous World and European Championships. He is a popular TV presenter in Austria and is the brother of DJ Tobi. Flo is a former Austrian beach volleyball youth champion, so his knowledge of the sport and the stars gives him an extra edge when communicating with the crowd.