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Our guide to beach volleyball on the big screen

From a dog playing beach volleyball to a Lion King lookalike

Sunday night was Oscars night - where the last year in film is celebrated and some of the world's most celebrated actors are honored for their roles on the big screen.

So in time-honored tradition, here’s eight weird and wonderful films that include the sport we love!

#1 Sideout

The most striking thing about this 1990, 100-minute spectacular is lead actor Peter Horton who has an uncanny resemblance to the real-life, Latvian Lion King, Aleksandrs Samoilovs. It charts the story of a law student’s rise to the top of the professional beach volleyball ranks. 

#2 We Have a Pope

What scene would fit perfectly into an Italian-French comedy drama which plots the relationship between a newly-elected Pope and his therapist? Well an impromptu beach volleyball training session, of course.

#3 Green Flash

Back to full-on beach volleyball now and Green Flash – released in 2008 and running for one hour and 35 minutes – follows the triumph and torment of character Cameron Day. He’s given up his chances of playing professional basketball (sound familar?) but can he rise to stardom on the beach? Who knows - but look out for the cameo of our very own Dain Blanton.

#4 Impact Point

What happened in 2008? Because film fans were treated to not one but TWO beach volleyball movies to go with their popcorn eight years ago when Impact Point hit the screens. There’s plenty of on-court action in this 90-minute thriller which sees star player Kelly Reyes running for cover as she avoids the threats of a crazed fan.

#5 Cloud 9

Question: how many beach volleyball films has Burt Reynolds starred in? Answer: one. This one. Director Harry Basil brings us this comedy about a former star’s get-rich-quick plan – setting up a beach volleyball team full of beautiful women. What could possibly go wrong...?

#6 Air Bud Spikes Back

Family time now, so how about this heart-warming tale of a dog playing beach volleyball? This Disney comedy showcases the adventures of the one and only Buddy, a golden retriever who, according to the cover of the DVD has “the golden touch”. Just one view of the trailer highlights Buddy’s exemplary beach volleyball skills – and he’s a pretty mean blocker by the look of it.

#7 Beach Spike

A trip to Hong Kong now for some martial-arts-meets-beach-volleyball brilliance. This 2011 Tony Tang epic details two local girls’ fight to save a beach from development from wealthy property investors. How can they guarantee victory? By merging volleyball with kung fu, of course.

#8 Top Gun

If there’s one movie to promote the virtues of beach volleyball, then it’s this one. This cult classic hit our screens back in 1986 – four years before Sideout bounced onto film. Most importantly, and perhaps most famously – two of its 110 action-packed minutes focuses on a beach volleyball battle between Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer. Enjoy:

One of the most iconic scenes from Top Gun

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